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Ask any Memphian what they love about this city. The answers will be numerous and diverse, but you can bet they’ll have one thing in common—a history rooted in Blackness. Not just a history, however, but an exciting present and a bright future. In Memphis, you can stand where upstanders stood at powerful civil rights sites and tour legendary music studios. But you can also support Black-owned businesses and discover a prolific modern-day music scene. Memphis is proud of its rich heritage and diverse culture, and you can feel that pride in our food, music and community spaces. Scroll for a preview, and planning tips from hotel deals to itineraries to safe live music events.


Visit the National Civil Rights Museum to experience Outside the Lorraine: A Photographic Journey to a Sacred Place.


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Whether you want to be near nightlife or plan a boutique-chic stay, check these Memphis hotel deals and attraction offers.


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