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Tourism Economic Impact

Focus in on the story and statistics around the economic impact of tourism on Memphis, Tennessee. 


  • 2022 Annual Visitors: 11M
  • Leisure & Hospitality Jobs in Shelby County in 2021*: 40.7K
  • Leisure & Hospitality Businesses in Shelby County in 2021*: 2,200+
  • Annual Economic Impact of Domestic Visitors in 2021*: $3.461B
  • State Tax Receipts Generated in 2021*: $166.4M
  • Local Tax Receipts Generated in 2021*: $109.7M

    *Most recent full year of data available.


The top travel motivators for Memphis visitors include paying their respects to Memphis music legends like Elvis, B.B. King and Johnny Cash; experiencing our current live music scene and the Memphis nightlife in person, especially Beale Street; tasting our world-famous barbeque; and most importantly, spending quality time making memories with friends and family.
Nearly two-thirds of all Memphis attraction visitors report experiencing the music unique to Memphis was a key reason they chose to come here, ranking the importance of Memphis as a seven or above on a scale of ten—and half of these music-influenced travelers ranked music as a nine or a ten in importance.
Only 15 percent of Memphis attraction visitors reported that experiencing live music was not a priority for them during their trip to Memphis; over 60% of surveyed Memphis  visitors reported that they experienced live music during their trip.
Memphis Tourism's
2022 Annual Report

traveler profile and hotel stats


Based on an always-on digital survey strategy, we have considerable insight into the characteristics of a Memphis visitors
  • Average Number of Adults in Attraction Travel Parties: 1.9 Adults
  • Share of Memphis Attraction Travel Parties that Include Children: 47%
  • Average Number of Children in Attraction Family Travel Parties: 1.3 Children
  • Average Nightly Expenditures for Overnight Travel Parties: $742 Nightly
  • Average Length of Stay for Overnight Travel Parties: 3.1 Nights
  • Share of Travel Parties Staying Overnight: 63%
  • Share of Overnight Travel Parties Staying in Hotels: 61.7%


  • Total Number of Memphis MSA Hotel Rooms: 26K+
  • Total Number of Hotel Rooms Downtown: 4K+
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