Memphis International Raceway

Memphis International Raceway features a three-quarter mile banked oval, with 11 degrees of banking in the corners and four degrees on the straights.  Both the front and back stretch are 1,100 feet in length.

Venue: Memphis International Raceway
Venue Type: Stadium/Motorsports
Sports Available: Motorsports
Facility Area: 400 acres
Maximum Seats: 35,000
Parking Spaces: 10,000
Box Office: Yes
Concession Stands: Yes
Lighting: Yes
Scoreboard: Yes
Restrooms: Yes
Elevators/Escalators: Elevators yes, but no escalators
Locker Rooms: No
Training Rooms: No
Meeting Rooms: Yes
Media Room: Yes
Handicap Accessible: Yes
Wheelchair Storage: Yes
Service Animals: Yes