Mud Island Amphitheater

Let's Go See Mud Island River Park

Mud Island Amphitheatre / ​James Wessels

Mud Island River Park in Downtown Memphis is made up of a super-cool, family-fun Riverwalk, Mississippi River Museum, amphitheater, monorail ride and more. 

Walk atop the Skybridge to the Riverwalk (less than 1/2 mile). Topography and map lovers are gonna love what they see. One of the most impressive and unique pieces of the Mud Island River Park is the Riverwalk - an exact scale model of the Lower Mississippi River. Merging with the Ohio River, flowing through Cairo, Illinois and zig zagging 954 miles south to the Gulf of Mexico, this replica passes 20 major cities and watersheds. Designed by the Corps of Engineers, the Riverwalk is composed of over 1,700 concrete pieces and runs about 5 city blocks. You've got to see it to believe it; Google Earth has nothing on this!

Once you've made it to the Memphis version of the "Gulf of Mexico" they've got paddle boats and refreshments available. Soak up the sun and enjoy the scenery of Downtown Memphis. Paddle until your heart is content (or your legs get tired) for just $5.

Another great portion of Mud Island River Park is the Mississippi River Museum. The museum is made up of 18 galleries and exhibits that cover 10,000 years of Mississippi River history. See how early settlers navigated the river, hear river folklore and stories on a range of topics from Mark Twain to steamboat disasters and showboat performers. The museum is open Wednesday through Sunday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., and admission cost is $10 for adults and kids 12 & up, $8 for kids 4-11 and free for kids 4 & under.

Civil War buffs will love the exhibits on the importance that the Mississippi River played during the U.S. Civil War. You'll see the major battles that occurred on the Mississippi River, as well as those on the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers. Check out personal artifacts and government-issued equipment from both the Union and Confederate forces. 

Let's switch gears to entertainment and events on Mud Island. Get a chance to ride the monorail which runs for special events and concerts. Music junkies will definitely find their groove at the Amphitheatre. Live shows under the stars in an intimate 5,000 seat outdoor venue are one of the best ways to see live music in Memphis. Artists like The Avett Brothers, Train, Steely Dan and Skillet have all performed on Mud Island. For a complete list of upcoming shows, visit their website

Mud Island River Park is open year round from dusk until dawn. For additional information go to or call 901-576-7241.

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Mud Island aerial sunset

Mud Island Teepees

Camping Out on the Mississippi River on Mud Island

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Mud Island Tram