The Roots of Memphis Music Bollard Project at FedExForum illustrates the history of jookin'

Memphis music and dance culture have always gone hand in hand, and the same can be said about the Roland TR-808 & jookin'. The drum machine that produced the beats of iconic Memphis rap and hip-hop literally provided the soundtrack for jookin', Memphis' most famous dance art form. Originally dubbed “Gangster Walking,” jookin’ is a dance style that originated in Memphis alongside the city’s budding rap scene. Today, you can see performers – Lil Buck, most famously – jookin’ worldwide. 


All points of interest below are mapped from the Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum, just steps from the bollards and FedExForum.

Drive 13 minutes

New Ballet Ensemble
From classical ballet to jookin’, New Ballet Ensemble celebrates all forms of dance. Check their event calendar for genre-bending performances. 
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Drive 15 minutes

Collage Dance Collective
Catch a performance by Collage Dance Collective. The company incorporates international techniques, including Memphis jookin’, in their choreography. 
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