Packing for Memphis Vacation. Photo Credit: Kerry Crawford
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What to Pack for a Memphis Vacation

Okay, here’s the scenario:  vacation plans are booked and you’re ready to fly, but there’s one thing standing between you and Memphis. The sulky look of unfulfilled zippers and baggy compartments of your empty suitcase are sometimes too much to bear. So how do you satisfy this clothes loving, toiletries monster? Let us give you a few pointers to pack for your Memphis vacation.  

Pack for the time of year
High temperatures in Memphis during June, July and August typically range from 85 to 93 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s even been known to reach the upper 90’s (and above) during the dog days of summer and humidity is typically at its highest point during these months. For summer trips, make sure you bring shorts, sandals, swim suit, sunglasses and lots of breathable (i.e. cotton) clothing.

Spring and fall offer the most comfortable temperatures with relatively low humidity. You’ll find that many festivities like the Cooper-Young Festival and Memphis in May take part during these times of year. Check the weather before you come, but often you can get by with jeans, khakis, and a light shirt or blouse.

Because Memphis has more sunny days per year than Miami, it’s still important to pack sunscreen. We don’t want you headed home with burnt and tender skin.

What’s the purpose of your trip?
Just trying to get away for a long weekend or are you in town trying to land that next big client?  Leisure travelers have a slight advantage here. Casual shorts, sundresses, sneakers, flip-flops and short-sleeved shirts are acceptable just about anywhere.  If you’ve got a pair of seersuckers shorts, you’ll fit right in on the golf course or walking along the Mississippi River.  

Business travelers in town for a convention, trade show or client meeting must be strategic. Because the temperature between the outdoors and your air-conditioned meeting space can vary up to 30 degrees, you’ll want to stay cool, calm and collected by layering your clothing. Light weight materials like silk, linen and cotton in the summer are a must.

Don’t forget
Friends and family will love anything from the gift shops at Graceland or Beale Street so be sure to leave a little room in your suitcase for souvenirs and keepsakes.

Pack extra batteries and don’t forget your charger. Settling up and showing off your best rock star impersonation only to find out you’ve got a dead camera is no fun. Pack an extra set and you won’t be singing the blues.

Go out and have some fun! Now that you’ve got your packing plan you’re free to enjoy the great Memphis attractions, restaurants and one-of-a-kind amenities without stress or hassle.