Made in Memphis

Memphis may be one of the most harmonious places on the planet. Most famously known as the home of the blues and the birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll, Memphis is a community where good ideas can quickly become world-changing enterprises. For a history of innovation in America, look no further than Memphis.

The city has been home to innovators like Fred Smith (FedEx), Kemmons Wilson (Holiday Inn), Clarence Saunders (Piggly Wiggly) and Sam Phillips (Sun Studio). In a city where the professional’s basketball slogan is “We Grind Here,” Memphis is home to many social innovators and entrepreneurs that keep the city grooving. 

Eat & drink

Find a taste of the local brew at High Cotton Brewing Co. Not only does High Cotton pay homage to its Southern heritage through its name but also through the brewing process as a whole. From utilizing the region’s bumper crops to meticulous ingredient selection, High Cotton is making its mark in Memphis’ craft beer scene

It’s not just blues and brews Memphis is exporting. Local rib joints like Charlie Vergos’ Rendezvous and Corky's ship ribs all over the world. It helps having world hub of FedEx planes in your own backyard. And if you’re not experiencing a taste of Memphis, you’re likely reading about it. Chefs like Andrew Ticer and Michael Hudman of Hog & Hominy, are racking up national accolades in The New York Times, Food and Wine and GQ magazine. 


Sun Studio was opened by rock pioneer Sam Phillips who had an ear for innovation. Once the launchpad of icons like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis, today the studio’s guided tours are a must for any musical pilgrimage. 

Visit Saint Blues Guitar Workshop, a boutique guitar maker. Saint Blues guitars are so popular, it’s common for an international customer to hop a flight to Memphis to come pick up the guitar, just so they can say they bought it in Memphis.

Even megastar Justin Timberlake has caught his hometown’s entrepreneurial spirit. He established Mirimichi Golf Course, which is located in his childhood neighborhood north of Downtown Memphis. The luscious championship course is one of the most environmentally sustainable courses in the world. Mirimichi is a Cherokee term for “place of happy retreat,” so don’t be surprised if you catch Justin on the greens in Memphis working on his game and escaping the limelight of global superstar. 

At the Museum of Science and History (MoSH), explore a replica of the first self-serve grocery store (Clarence Saunders’ Piggly Wiggly) or trace Memphis’ development from the time of Spanish explorers to through the Civil War and the yellow fever epidemics. 

Sun Studios. Photo Credit: Commercial Appeal
Chefs Andrew and Michael Italian Kitchen: Justin Fox Burks
St Blues Guitars
Big racks of ribs at Rendezvous - Craig Thompson
Gibson Guitar Factory
Mirimichi Golf Course: Andrea Zucker
Portabella BBQ Sandwich and beer from Central BBQ. Photo Credit: Justin Fox Burks
Local beer at High Cotton Brewery
Memphis Made Brewing Company owner. Photo Credit: Justin Fox Burks