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Beyond Beale Street: Memphis Music Off the Beaten Path

See what's happening outside of Beale Street.

Live Music in Memphis

What’s more interesting than a city with a rich culture? A city with a legitimate sub-culture. Memphis musical heritage continues to remain relevant not because of the city’s museums or attractions, but because of the thousands of young musicians that live, work and play in its vibrant Midtown neighborhood. And the two venues where this subculture thrives are Minglewood Hall and Young Avenue Deli.

Minglewood Hall

Not far from Overton Park and the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, Minglewood Hall is home to a stream of visitors and Midtowners looking for a few beers and good music to unwind after a long day. At night, Minglewood Hall becomes a premier rock venue. Recent renovation have updated Minglewood's sound, lighting and technology, but the character of the old building still remains. Minglewood's atmosphere makes it a perfect place for raw and raucous performances, including well-known acts like the North Mississippi All-Stars, Girl Talk, Lucero and Al Kapone.

Young Avenue Deli

A few miles away, at the intersection of Cooper Street and Young Avenue is Young Avenue Deli. A restaurant, bar and pool hall by day, the Deli transforms itself into a small, intimate club by night. Local acts often populate the club’s calendar, making it an easy place to visit. But when national acts pass through, fire codes get broken. Don’t fear – like Beale Street, you can just cross the street and get a drink at any of the other restaurants that make Cooper-Young the hippest neighborhood in Memphis. One of our favorites is the Beauty Shop. They make great fries, pour stiff drinks and have the unique honor of being Priscilla’s former hair salon.


Get your cool on old school at Paula & Raiford's Disco. The two-story nightclub is located in Downtown Memphis. There is no place like Raiford's in Memphis. The music is 70s, 80s and 90s fun which is perfect for the atmosphere. Leather couches will give you a rest when you're not dancing through the fog under the disco balls on the fabulous disco floor. If you have a little too much fun, they have limo service. 

Wild Bill's

And when you think the night is getting old, stay young and grab a cab to head over to Wild Bill’s. An old-fashioned juke joint, Wild Bill’s is about as bare-boned as any venue gets. When you step through the front door, you’re inches away from the stage, as well as about 100 people smoking, drinking 40s and eating hot wings. A good bet to make is that the band you saw earlier in the evening, you’ll see again, either jamming with the house band or inviting you to sit with them at the neighboring table.