Biking in Memphis

Our free Memphis bike map highlights over 60 miles of trails, bike shops, and suggested routes in Memphis and Shelby County. Photo by Craig Thompson

Family biking Greenline Memphis

Shelby Farms Greenline is a 7-mile biking trail connecting Midtown to Shelby Farms. The trail is flat, smooth, quiet and offers shade on most of the route. Photo by Craig Thompson

Bike Arch in Overton Park. Photo Credit: Justin Fox Burks

Grab your bike and cruise the paths and trails in Overton Park. Photo by Justin Fox Burks.

Memphis Bike Map: Routes & Maps for Bicycling in Memphis

Your guide to the best bike routes, bike maps and bike rentals in Memphis.

Getting from point A to point B in a car is straightforward. But what’s the best way to get where you’re going on a bike? The Memphis and Shelby County Bike Map is here to answer that question. 

Highlighting over 60 miles of bike lanes, off-road trails and protected pathways, the Memphis and Shelby County Bike Map can help you choose the safest and most convenient riding routes. Our Memphis bike map is intended for recreational and commuter riders of all skills and ability levels. Use it as a guide for for your next ride to access nearby attractions, bike shops and points of interest. 

Order a free bike map on our websiteview it online or pick up a copy at local Memphis bicycle repair shops and area Visitor Centers

For more information about the best bike routes, Memphis area bike shops and rentals, keep reading. 

Bike Routes in Memphis

Find the best bike routes in Memphis with our interactive map below. Choose a short and leisurely ride, a longer, more demanding trail for a great workout, or just the fastest route to your destination. Here are some of the most popular Memphis bike trails and routes.  

  • The Shelby Farms Greenline is a 7-mile paved pedestrian and biking trail that connects the heart of Midtown to Shelby Farms. The trail is flat, smooth, quiet and offers shade on most of the route. Hop on the Greenline at a number of access points starting at Tillman Street. With the brand new Heart of the Park improvements, you can now stop and have lunch at the Kitchen and enjoy the views of the canoers and kayakers enjoying the lake. 
  • Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park has a 5-mile intermediate trail that offers a little bit of everything: flat areas, smooth pavement, switchbacks and great turns. The trail is short, but has good elevation gain without ever getting too steep. 
  • For longer rides, the Mississippi River Trail takes riders on a 32-mile segment that passes through Shelby County, including Meeman-Shelby Forest and Downtown Memphis. The route crosses the I-55 bridge into Arkansas.
  • Put the pedal to the pavement in Overton Park. Overton Park has nearly 200 acres of public parkland, a 2.5 mile winding and shaded shared use path, two play areas and a dog park.  
  • In Shelby Farms, you’ll find a variety of paved and unpaved bike trails. The Tour De Wolf is nearly 6 miles long and is excellent for mountain biking and hiking or bikers love the Chickasaw Trail at Shelby Farm, where you can pedal through pine and hardwood forest areas and past three lakes on this 2.75 mile long trail. 
  • Big River Crossing, spans the Mississippi River and gives bikers and pedestrians the opportunity to cross Ole Man River from Downtown Memphis to the banks of Arkansas. Check out this website for more information.

Bike Shops and Rentals

Memphis has a variety of bike shops and bicycle rental companies that cater to beginners, advanced cyclists, and everyone in between. From bike rentals, tune-ups, repairs and fitting services, these Memphis area bike shops are here to help. 

  • Peddler Bike Shop: Located near The University of Memphis, Peddler is one of the largest Trek dealers in Tennessee. Peddler offers both road and hybrid bicycle rentals for half-day ($35), full-day ($50) and weekend ($100) durations. All bike rentals include a flat kit, space for a water bottle and a helmet. If you brought your own bike, but need new gear or a tune up, Peddler can help, too. 
  • Outdoors Inc.: For more than 40 years, Outdoors Inc. has provided gear for all sorts of outdoor enthusiasts. They carry bike tires, drivetrains, helmets, camping gear and a full range of clothing. Every June, Outdoors Inc. hosts a canoe and kayak race on the Mississippi River and every fall, they host the longest-running cyclocross race in the nation. Check their website for locations and more information. 
  • Midtown Bike Company: Backed by years of experience, Midtown Bike Company is a full-service and independent bike store in Downtown Memphis. Regardless of your experience level, they're willing get their hands dirty and answer any questions about accessories, maintenance or bike routes. Use their online system to reserve your bike rental before your trip to Memphis. 
  • Victory Bicycle Studio: Renowned for their professional fitting services and wide-range of knowledge, Victory offers a premier menu of bicycles, top shelf apparel and bike accessories. Find Victory Bicycle Studio in the Broad Avenue Arts District, not far from Overton Park and Wiseacre Brewing. 
  • The Bikesmith: Providing mobile bike retail, repair and bike valet services, The Bikesmith is crafting perfect rides in the Bluff City. Look the truck up online or keep an eye out for The Bikesmith at local bike events and festivals. 
  • Greenline Bicycle Rentals: Shelby Farms Park is one of the largest urban parks in the United States, and has paved and off-road bike trails for riders of all levels. Located at the entrance of the Shelby Farms Greenline, bike rentals at Shelby Farms Park are seasonal, so make sure you call ahead prior to arriving. For more information about bike trails, rentals and repair stations at Shelby Farms Park, see their website. 
  • All About Bikes: From beginner to expert, All About Bikes offers bicycle service and repair in-house and a full line of accessories. All About Bikes is located in East Memphis at Poplar and Mendenhall, not far from East Memphis hotels and businesses. 
  • Revolutions Bicycle Coop: Located in Cooper-Young neighborhood, Revolutions rents bikes starting at $25/day. If you need to haul cargo, a dog or small children, you'll love their family cargo bikes. 

Bicycle Parking and Safety

We want to help make your bike trip in Memphis a safe one. No matter where you are riding, keep these tips in mind for a safe and fun bike ride.  

  • Always wear your helmet and obey traffic signals and stop signs.
  • Ride with traffic. When sharing the road with cars, please keep to the right of the road.
  • Think ahead. Watch for turning vehicles and parked cars. Signal your turns and check behind you before changing lanes. 
  • Look ahead for debris, road hazards and potholes. 
  • Make sure your tires are full of air, brakes are in working order and your chain runs smoothly. 

Bike racks are provided throughout Memphis at various restaurants, entertainment areas, attractions and hotels. Some Memphis hotels may even provide bicycle-friendly covered parking. When booking your hotel, it’s best to call ahead and ask the front desk staff. 

Explore Bike Share 

Coming 2017, Memphis will be debuting Explore Bike Share, a bike share program with 600 bikes for rent from 60 stations across the city. Rent a bike from one station, and ride it to another station near your destination. It's the perfect way to explore the city on two wheels.

Additional Websites and Biking Resources

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