Weather/Climate Information

The weather is one of Memphis' greatest assets. Because of the city's central location, Memphis weather offers a satisfying helping of all four seasons.
Average weather in Memphis is as follows:
• January - 49° F
• February - 55° F
• March - 63° F
• April - 72° F
• May - 80° F
• June - 89° F
• July - 92° F
• August - 91° F
• September - 85° F
• October - 75° F
• November - 62° F
• December - 52° F


The Memphis weather is just right in the spring. It’s a great time to go “Walking in Memphis” with beautiful blooming azaleas and shrubbery and temps in the upper 60s. There may be no place more perfect on the planet than Memphis in spring.  


If sunshine brings happiness, you should experience Memphis’ weather in the summer. It doesn't shy away from the heat with late summer temperatures in the low 90s, but it's nothing a cold beer on Beale Street can't cure.  


Autumn gives spring a run for its money in perfection with mild days of 60- and 70-degree weather, and cool nights in the 40s and 50s. The autumn glow of fall foliage gives the neon lights of downtown Memphis some stiff competition.  


Snowfall is a part of Memphis’ weather pattern a handful of times each winter, and the cool air lasts from around October into March. Memphis averages 5.7 inches of snow a year and a mean winter temperature of around 45 degrees.

The annual average precipitation at Memphis is 54.65 inches and is spread pretty evenly throughout the months. But hey, the blues wouldn't quite be the blues if it was sunny all the time, now would they?  

Not too hot, not too cold. Not too dry, not too wet. Come and enjoy Memphis, Tennessee weather.