Taking Better Vacation Photos

Guitar with Wings. Photo Credit: Kerry Crawford
American Dream Safari. Photo Credit: Kerry Crawford
Photo Credit: Kerry Crawford

Click, click, smile, click, click, smile. That’s the sound of the die-hard photographer spending their vacation behind the camera. You may know this person or heck; we could even be talking about you. Trying to capture every moment rather than experiencing the precious time with your family and friends is no way to live.  

While continuously taking photos on your trip will most certainly result in more photos, it won’t necessarily result in better photos. And because there are so many great things to do in Memphis and tons of moments you’ll want to catch, let us give you some tips on taking better photos while visiting.

First off, get your mind in a laser-focused state. We want you thinking like a director of your very own movie. Your trip is the story and the images you’re capturing are the narrative and dialogue unfolding as you jump from place to place. Like a director, you won’t take every shot. Be a selective mini-Spielberg.

As you plan your day, pick 3-4 good landmarks to capture. Keeping fresh smiles on your family’s face is the key here. Don’t wear out your welcome by making them pose at every monument.  The rest of the day, snap some candid shots to keep things interesting.

If you’re planning on doing a fair bit of walking, you don’t want your gear holding you down. Take a small point and shoot camera or even arm yourself with a smart phone (some take surprisingly good photos these days). Don’t forget the extra batteries or memory cards.

When you get to certain points throughout the day, pass the camera around so everyone gets a turn. If you’re apprehensive about handing over your DSLR to a youngster, consider picking up a cheap disposable camera. Ensuring everyone plays a different role means you’ll have a diverse mix of people in each shot and the contrasting mediums and points-of-views might just make an interesting mix.

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