Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen Memphis



The past few months have been a whirlwind for Andrew Ticer and Michael Hudman. They opened their second restaurant, Hog & Hominy, to great acclaim, participated in the Charleston Wine and Food Festival and continue to push the envelope by providing cutting-edge seasonal Italian fare at their flagship eatery, Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen. Not only has Hog & Hominy been named one of the top restaurants in the country by GQ Magazine, but they’ve been nominated for not one, but two, James Beard Awards. Get to know two of Memphis’s most prolific culinary stars, and see why they wouldn’t have opened their restaurants anywhere else.

You grew up in Memphis. Why was it important for you to come back to Memphis after your culinary training to open your first restaurant?
We always wanted to come back to Memphis. It's home for us. Our families are here - and we come from big Italian backgrounds, where family is everything.  We couldn't imagine opening our first restaurant anywhere else.

What are some of your favorite Memphis restaurants (other than your own)?
You'll find us at Las Tortugas on our days off - we love their elote and, well, everything there. They use a lot of the same farmers as us - Claybrook beef, Woodson Ridge Farm, etc. We also love Gus's Fried Chicken and the usual Memphis haunts - Gibson's, Jerry's Sno Cone (not just for sno cones either - great burger and muffalata too). If we want to go out to a nice dinner and get out of the restaurants, we go to Restaurant Iris or Felicia Suzanne's, our good friends' places.

What is your idea of comfort food?
Our grandmothers' ravioli. There's something about the dishes you ate when you were younger - they stick with you. When we're sick these days though we ask for pho - it's like a giant bowl of the best chicken noodle soup.

If someone is coming to Memphis for the first time, where do you take them?
We always push people to go to the National Civil Rights Museum - it's one of our favorite things about Memphis - and a Grizzlies or Tigers game if they're playing. We're also golfers and we have some great courses like Mirimichi, if they're up for some fresh air.

We believe that Memphis is a great culinary city. What makes the food in Memphis special?
We've said it before but Memphis has soul, and history. Generation after generation of Memphians have cooked great food here. You're gonna eat well in Memphis. We do what tastes good. Memphis is kind of like a cast iron skillet - there's a little grit to it but everything tastes better here.

Your newest restaurant, Hog & Hominy, has received national recognition from the James Beard Foundation, GQ, Fodor’s, Travel + Leisure and many others. What does it mean to you to garner so many accolades in such a short time?
We are just humbled by it all. We've been on some lists with chefs we've admired for years; it's such an honor to be mentioned alongside these other restaurants. Our teams at both restaurants have really made these spots what they are; there have been a lot of years of hard work put in from our team at Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen to get us to the point we're at now - and to allow us to open up something like Hog & Hominy. And we definitely couldn't have done any of it without the support of our families. All the years of hard work, and long, long hours, and stress and worry - it really feels like it's finally paid off when you see your spot named in something like GQ.  We have really just been stunned and thrilled with all the coverage over the last few months; we're so grateful.

Do you have any future projects in the works that you can share?
We're always thinking - we definitely want to keep growing in Memphis.  I don't think we can say more than that at the moment