Support St. Jude at Texas de Brazil

Meetings & Venues
Aug 1, 2018 to Aug 31, 2018
150 Peabody Pl.
Ste. 103
Memphis, TN 38103
Donate at the bottom of your check during August to help children battling cancer and other life-threatening diseases. For every $5 donated, you will receive a $5 certificate to use later! On Mondays, you will receive $10 in certificates to use later for every $5 donated! Texas de Brazil will match donations up to $25,000!

*For every $5 donated at the bottom of the check, guests will receive a $5 certificate. On Mondays, guests will receive $10 in certificates for every $5 donated. Both options have a maximum earning potential of $50 and are only valid for future visits. Additional restrictions found on the certificates. If a donation is made online, no certificates are issued. No cash value.