Sleep Out Louies

150 Peabody Place Suite 111
(entrance on Second St)
Memphis, TN 38103

Come in for a cold cocktail during our ALL DAY HAPPY HOUR (open-10pm) or one of our Daily $9.99 specials! On Game Days show your Tigers or Grizzlies Tickets to get 15% off your food order!

About Sleep Out Louies:

"They don't even know my last name. You see, where we hang out, outside, in the clear air, things like that don't mater. Names and numbers, clocks and calendars just don't mean much anymore.

Oh I used to be just like everyone else. Nice house, a regular job...considered myself quite a success. I was a lawyer, a damned good one. But one day, I discovered something - I really didn't care anymore. Didn't care when I lost cases (after all, those weren't ever my fault), but didn't even care when I won them. The challenge was gone, and work was dragging me down like an anchor.

So one day, I shucked off my tie, kicked off my wing-tips, and quit. Just strolled up to the boss and told him, "I'd rather sleep out in the cold than work another day like this." My pals have called me Sleep-Out Louie ever since.

It's been quite a life, hitting the road with my buddies, Easy Ed and Dollar Bill. We made quite a team. Bill played the kazoo, Ed raised cash by tap-dancing in the street, and me? I'd round up the audience and pass the hat, then decide where we were going to eat. I know where the best cooking is in any town between New York and New Orleans. Over the years we rode the rails or hitched wherever the weather was food and the food was better. Until one summer, I heard about a place in Memphis, they'd named after me. Sleep Out Louie's. Yea, that's the name.

Now, I had slept out in Memphis a few times but I hadn't seen anything like this. The drinks and the food were oh so good and they had the parties to match. Long story short, I met woman...Stella. Stella and I enjoyed all the old block parties at Sleep Out Louie's, enjoyed them so much we even got married at one.

Stella and I took off to see the world but you know a guy like me is hard to tie down. Stella got sick of my sleep out ways and she took off. I took it pretty hard, hit the bottle, and did a stent in rehab. But, rehab is for quitters, so I busted out of that joint and headed back up north.

On my way I stopped back in Memphis, and things were really looking up in the Bluff City. The revitalization of South Main, Service Master, the Grizzlies, and the always busy Beale Street really had downtown looking on the up and up.

So I figured I'd stay a couple days, visit some old buddies and swap some stories from the good ol' days. One of those late nights, at the end of the bar, we got the crazy idea, to bring back Sleep Out Louie's. Now, I'm not one to stay around the same place for too long, but I figured I'd help get the wheels in motion. I called up a buddy at Belz Enterprises, they've always been good to me, and they made us an offer that couldn't be refused.

So here it is, and that's how it became. You won't see me here all the time, but I'll stop in when I'm moving through."

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