Kids Artistic Revue

Apr 12, 2019 until Apr 14, 2019
Apr 12, 2019
Apr 14, 2019
255 N. Main Street
Memphis, TN 38103
Memphis Cook Convention Center
Kids Artistic Revue is also know as K.A.R. Productions or K.A.R. for short. KAR was founded and headquartered in Southern California by Rick Lands, owner and director of a successful dance studio. During our first six years, our regional competitions where hosted solely in California. In 1988 our first National Finals were held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The following year, K.A.R. rose to a national level by hosting ten events in six different states across the United States. Twenty-four years later, we are scheduled to host 79 regional events in over 35 states and four National Finals! We were one of America's first established dance competitions and have quickly become one of America's largest and most widely recognized.
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