Old Dominick Distillery reopens, reviving a spirited homegrown brand in downtown Memphis. Take a tour, then grab a seat at the bar.

The Robinsons open Cozy Corner, where family members continue to stoke the fire today. Ask for the two ribs/two wings plate to Cozy like a local.

Wiseacre begins brewing high-gravity beers on Broad Avenue. Sip one on their deck.

Corky’s Bar-B-Que begins FedExing its hickory- and charcoal-smoked meats across the country. Dine in any of three Memphis-area restaurants and skip the shipping fee.

Boscos opens as the first brewpub in Tennessee. Get a taste in Overton Square.

The Four Way opens in Soulsville. Come get a heaping plate of home cooking the way MLK and Stax recording artists did.

The Little Tea Shop opens downtown. Do lunch at one of Memphis’ oldest restaurants for home-cooked Southern favorites, daily specials and a hug from owner Su Lauck.

Charlie Vergos’ Rendezvous begins dry-rubbing and chargrilling ribs. Follow the smoky, savory aroma to this restaurant tucked into a downtown Memphis alley.

Leonard’s opens with a nickel sandwich, establishing Memphis’ first barbecue restaurant. Nod to tradition with the Big Leonard sandwich, topped with house-made sauce and slaw.
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