Mar 29, 2023

The Green Room at Crosstown Arts
1350 Concourse Ave
Memphis, TN 38104
United States

Mar 29, 2023
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$15 in advance 

$20 at the door 

SpiralPhonics isn’t burdened by the long-cast shadows of guitar/sax/drum trios that have contributed to the lineage of creative music. In fact, with each twist and turn, these guys challenge your own lens of expectation. From being transported through the air like wind, to surged spikes of energy, to funky cascades of flipped textural grooves, your predictions when listening never fail to be overturned. FRESH! More often than not, one may forget that this is a trio.

Art Edmaiston, Logan Hanna, and Terence F. Clark know exactly how to weave stories in music and how to groove you to death while doing it. They blend … and they don’t leave you out of the “know.” This is what happens when you have a united front of compassionate souls, highest-level creativity, and talent. SpiralPhonics is proof!