From the Eat Well Sushi Buffet. Photo by Kerry Crawford.From the Eat Well buffet. Photo by Kerry Crawford.

Eat Well Sushi and Grill

2965 N Germantown Rd # 102
Memphis, TN 38133

Eat Well is a modern all-you-can-eat Japanese Buffet. There's a hot buffet loaded with Asian classics (think fried rice, teriyaki, squid and vegetables), a sushi buffet, sashimi buffet, salad buffet and soups.

The darkened, fish tank-lined dining room is kid-friendly enough for a family dinner, but classy enough for a business lunch.

  • Area
    • East
  • COVID-19 Availability
    • Additional Information: Closed Monday-Tuesday; open 11am-9pm Wednesday-Friday (order by menu only, togo & delivery); open Saturday & Sunday 11am-9pm (Buffet open, Togo & delivery)
    • Modified Hours
    • Open
  • Cuisine
    • Asian
    • Japanese
  • Facility Amenities
    • Full Bar
  • Meals Served
    • Dinner
    • Lunch