Brooks Museum Virtual Chalkfest

Mar 30, 2020 until Apr 3, 2020
Mar 30, 2020
Apr 3, 2020
Brooks Museum of Modern Art
Memphis, TN 38112
Your Neighborhood
Social Distancing with Chalk! We invite you and your family to bust out the chalk. Create and share your wildest sidewalk art with #Chalkfest2020 for chances to win prizes from the Brooks Museum. Details: 1. Create sidewalk art 2. Share photos with #Chalkfest2020 + tag us @BrooksMuseum on Instagram and Facebook 3. Follow along on social media for a chance to see your work featured Need a few ideas? Draw a picture of your house with your family pet included Draw a picture of your family (on vacation . . . on the moon . . . at the Brooks . . . ) Draw a picture of yourself as a 1) cowboy/cowgirl; 2) astronaut; 3) pirate; 4) artist Draw a picture of your favorite artwork in the Brooks collection Draw a picture of your favorite place Draw